Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Public Library Foundation differ from the Friends of the Library?

The Friends of the Library groups are membership organizations that support the activities of their local branches only. The Public Library Foundation raises funds to support systemwide initiatives that impact every library branch.


Is the Foundation under the control of Beaufort County or Beaufort County Library?

No. The Foundation is independent of both, with its own bylaws and Board of Directors.


Can contributions to the Endowment Fund be spent on library projects?

No. The Board of Directors has established a policy that only earnings from the Endowment Fund can be spent.


Are naming opportunities available to contributors?

Yes. A naming policy has been established for significant contributions.


Are contributions tax-deductible?

Yes. PLFBC has federal tax-exempt status under Section 501(c)3 of the IRS Code. It isĀ 14-1925-218.


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