Endowment Fund

The Board’s major objective is to establish an Endowment Fund of $10 million. We have established a policy stating that funds in the Endowment Fund will remain there in perpetuity, and only the earnings from it may be spent. Expenditures of earnings will be made on the basis of Beaufort County Library staff recommendations and with Board approval.

The Board is aware that the goal for the Endowment is large, but believes that with the continuing support of Beaufort County citizens, it is obtainable.



Other Contributions

Contributions may be designated for a specific purpose or program, or for general support of the PLFBC. For example, you may designate a contribution for the purchase of books or equipment for a specific library branch, support of a specific program, the Capital Contribution Fund for the St. Helena Branch Library, or the early childhood literacy programs offered at several branches.

Contributions may be in the form of a check, stocks or bonds. In the case of stocks or bonds, they will be redeemed and the amount received reported to the contributor for tax deduction purposes.

From time to time the Board may solicit grants for specific purposes that may originate with Beaufort County Library management and staff.


Contact us to find out how you can help.